2016 NZSCTA Awards

Nominations are called for the following categories to be announced at the 2016 Awards Dinner:

  • Swim Teacher of the Year
  • Rookie Teacher of the Year
  • Outstanding Swim School
  • Swim School Promotion Award
  • Master Teacher (Nan Nevin Award)
  • Rookie Coach of the Year

You can download the criteria and nomination form here.

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The organization is involved in initiatives and projects that support members in developing best practice and professional excellence in the aquatic industry.

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We have a range of vacancies for coaches and teachers throughout New Zealand.

The latest vacancy is for Swim Waipa Manager.

State Elite Series

The State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series, New Zealand's largest and most recognized open water swimming event, has been announced for this year.

The Series, made up of six ocean swim events at iconic locations around New Zealand: Paihia; Auckland; Wellington; Akaroa; Mount Maunganui; and Auckland again.

For more information, visit the website www.oceanswim.co.nz/.


Swim Coaches and Teachers of New Zealand is an organization representing the needs of professional swim teachers, coaches and providers across New Zealand.

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Below is all the latest news in the world relating to Swim Coaches and Teachers (courtesy of World Swim Coaches Association).

Saturday 2 July 2016

Olympic qualifying window closes Sunday

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND--This weekend marks the end of the Swimming qualifying window for the 2016 Olympics in August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Swimmers had from March 1, 2015 through July 3, 2016 to swim a qualifying time at one of the approved qualifying meets.
The number of qualifying meets by continent are:
-Africa - 7 ( 3 in 2015, 4 in 2016)
-Americas - 57 (26 in 2015, 31 in 2016)
-Asia - 54 (29 in 2015, 25 in 2016)
-Europe - 216 (99 in 2015, 117 in 2016)
-Oceania - 10 ( 3 in 2015, 7 in 2016)
The list of qualifying meets can be found online here: More
The following number of swimmers have met the A and B qualifying times by event, based on FINA rankings as posted today.
-Not all qualifying meets have been entered yet.
-The numbers below include more than 2 swimmers per nation.
-Where ">" is listed, it means that the last ranked "B" time falls outside the top-500 ranked swimmers.

-- FEMALES  --  A -    B
  50 free   -- 78 -  340
 100 free   -- 54 -  283
 200 free   -- 92 - >408
 400 free   -- 55 -  300
 800 free   -- 59 -  223
 100 back   -- 39 -  182
 200 back   -- 50 -  199
 100 breast -- 59 -  176
 200 breast -- 65 -  192
 100 fly    -- 56 -  253
 200 fly    -- 41 -  169
 200 IM     -- 95 -  306
 400 IM     -- 75 -  216

--   MALES   -- A -    B
  50 free   -- 68 -  296
 100 free   -- 73 - >427
 200 free   -- 89 - >411
 400 free   -- 83 - >417
1500 free   -- 77 -  254
 100 back   -- 57 -  271
 200 back   -- 45 -  199
 100 breast -- 60 -  294
 200 breast -- 77 -  230
 100 fly    -- 52 -  282
 200 fly    -- 42 -  238
 200 IM     -- 60 -  292
 400 IM     -- 41 -  237


USA Olympic Trials 2016--Omaha, NE last Sunday-Sunday (June 26-July 3) More -selection for: 2016 Olympics

Budapest Open 2016 (Hungary) Wednesday-Saturday (June 29-July 2)

Mexico Nationals 2016--Morelia, Mich. Wednesday-Sunday (June 29-July 3)

21st Caribbean Island Swimming Championships--Nassau (Bahamas) Wednesday-Tuesday (June 29-July 5) More

Bulgaria Championships 2016--Sofia Thursday-Sunday (June 30-July 3) More

Scotland Championships 2016--Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Thursday-Sunday (June 30-July 3) More

Peru Selection Tournament 2016--Lima Thursday-Saturday (June 30-July 2) -qualifying for: 2016 Olympics, 2016 Pacific Cup

USA Paralympic Trials 2016--Charlotte, NC Thursday-Saturday (June 30-July 2) More -selection for: 2016 Paralympics

Germany Open Water International 2016--Hamburg Thursday-Sunday (June 30-July 3) More

Spain Summer Masters Championships 2016--Las Palmas, Grand Canary Thursday-Sunday (June 30-July 3) More

Australia Grand Prix 2016--Brisbane, QLD Friday & Saturday (July 1+2) More

Czech Republic Nationals 2016--Pardubice Friday-Sunday (July 1-3) More

Malta Nationals 2016--Gzira Friday-Sunday (July 1-3) More

Switzerland Summer Championships 2016--Lancy Friday-Sunday (July 1-3) More

Finnish Grand Prix Challenge 2016--Jyväskylä Friday-Sunday (July 1-3) More -fourth and last meet of the series

12th Luxembourg Nationals Saturday & Sunday (July 2+3) More

10th French Open--Val d'Allier Saturday & Sunday (July 2+3) More


TRUJILLO, PERU--The 2016 Peru Masters Championships was last weekend (June 23-26) in Trujillo. Results from the meet can be found online here: More

Friday 1 July 2016


SOFIA, BULGARIA--The 2016 Bulgaria Championships is today through Sunday (June 30-July 3) in Sofia. Results from the meet are available online here: More

GLASGOW, UK--The 2016 Scotland Championships is today through Sunday (June 30-July 3) in Glasgow. Results from the meet can be found online here: More

HAMBURG, GERMANY--The 2016 Germany Open Water International is today through Sunday (June 30-July 3) in the Dove Elbe in Hamburg. The International features 5K and 10K races. Germany's Junior and Masters Open Water championships are also being held with the International. Further information, including results, can be found online [in German] here: More

LAS PALMAS, SPAIN--The 2016 Spain Summer Masters Championships is today through Sunday (June 30-July 3) in Las Palmas, Grand Canary. Results from the meet are available online here: More

SINGAPORE--The Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) holds its 2016 annual meeting this evening at the OCBC Aquatic Centre. More

Thursday 30 June 2016


NASSAU, BAHAMAS--The 2016 Caribbean Island Swimming Championships (CISCs) is today through Saturday (June 29-July 2) in Nassau. The championships also feature Open Water races, which will be held on July 3 (10K) and 5 (5K). Results from the Swimming portion can be found online here: More

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY--The 2016 Budapest Open is today through Saturday (June 29-July 2) in Budapest. Results from today's sessions at the meet can be found online here: More

GZIRA, MALTA--The Mediterranean Swimming Confederation (COMEN) held its 2016 COMEN Cup last weekend (June 25+26) in Gzira. The meet featured junior teams from 19 nations around in Europe and northern Africa. Results from the meet can be found online here: More

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Wednesday 29 June 2016

DEN: 15 for Olympics

DENMARK--On Friday, the Danish Swimming Union, Dansk Svømmeunion (DS), announced a 15-swimmer team for the 2016 Olympics in August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Team members are:
-females (6): Pernille Blume, Sarah Bro, Lotte Friis, Julie Kepp Jensen, Mie Ø. Nielsen, Jeanette Ottesen and Rikke Møller Pedersen.
-males (8): Viktor Bromer, Søren Dahl, Mads Glæsner, Anton Ørskov Ipsen, Pál Joensen, Anders Lie Nielsen, Daniel Skaaning and Magnus Westermann.
-coaches (4): Stefan Hansen, Eyleifur Jóhannesson, Nick Juba and Shannon Rollason.
Team announcement can be found on the DS website [in Danish] here: More


AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND--The New Zealand Olympic Committee today has announced the addition of open water swimmer Kane Radford to New Zealand's 2016 Olympics team. Radford was added to the team following a legal appeal by the swimmer to re-evaluate whether or not he had met the team's qualifying standards. A similar appeal by Charlotte Webby, New Zealand's female open water swimmer, maintained that she has not met the nomination criteria for New Zealand's Olympic team. Further information can be found online here: More and More

Thursday 9 June 2016


SSA Teachers and Coaches Conference 2016--Johannesburg, Gauteng (South Africa) June 17-19 (Friday-Sunday)

ASCA Level 1 course--Pretoria, Gauteng (South Africa) August 20+21 (Saturday & Sunday) More

ASCA Level 2 course--Pretoria, Gauteng (South Africa) August 27+28 (Saturday & Sunday) More

ASCA Level 3 course--Pretoria, Gauteng (South Africa) August 29+30 (Monday & Tuesday) More

NSF Coach/Leader Conference 2016--Lillestrøm (Norway) September 2-4 (Friday-Sunday) More

ASCA World Clinic 2016--Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA) September 6-11 (Tuesday-Sunday) More

BSCA Conference 2016--Leeds, England (UK) September 23-25 (Friday-Sunday) More

CSCTA Conference 2016--Toronto, ON (Canada) September 29-October 2 (Thursday-Sunday)

AETN Congress 2016--Madrid (Spain) October 7-9 (Friday-Sunday)

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